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Malvarrosa Sports offers a very warm welcome to ALL!


We are not 'just'' a gym!

We are very proud to have University Trained


Concha Kopetz

MalvarrosaSports fitness trainer - Concha Kopetz

Balance Swing


Available to offer expert advice with years of experience: also offering a variety of classes!



If you are unsure of your fitness level, please ask at Reception for an appointment with Concha to discuss what is best suited to you!



We are always happy

to see NEW faces!


New faces always welcome


Fully equipped Gym


such as:


(Cross Trainer)


body building


stair climber






Sauna (please book)

Massage (please book)



# 60 minute class

# strengthening, stretching exercise for musculature that affects posture & spinal column: helps prevent or alleviate back problems using:

Fitball, Softball, Roller,Disc'n'sit,Theraband

Fitness level: All


# 60 minute class

# tone, strengthen, define

- training to music to strengthen musculature of the whole body with moderate weight and high repetitions


Class to tone, strengthen and define muscles


# 60 minute class

# cardiovascular training

- a choreographed, medium-impact class to modern music, proving an excellent way to train with dance: to lift spirits: and a superb stress buster!

Fitness level: Moderate

# 60 minute class

# cardiovascular training

sessions of complete body training: combining Aerobics with easy step & specifically designed

muscle work-outs


Fitness level: Moderate  


# 45 minute class

# high intensity training

- vary the control or power of intensity, giving you the ultimate exercise system for cardiovascular & respiratory training and cholesterol & calorie burning!



Spinning class with stationary cycles

Fitness level: High




# 30 minute class

# muscle stretching

- to improve muscle contraction, helping prevent injury: contributing to the optimum strength of muscular development


Fitness level: ALL



 MalvarrosaSports - all differnt types of classes




#30 minute class

localized toning

Specific area toning of:




Fitness level: Moderate +



 #60 minute class

 cardiovascular training

- (as Aerobics); with a combination of different step routines

using step-up bench


Fitness level Moderate





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